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Peachy Arts is the creation of Robyn Johnson who is a non-binary artist and designer, born in South Africa and based in the North-West of England. In 2019 they graduated from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) after completing their Fine Arts Degree (with honours) launching their interest in creating art of all types.


Their work focuses on a number of key emotive inspirations: -


Using contemporary materials to create conceptual works aiming to impact the consumer by invoking a sense of togetherness through diversity of imagery, with the intention of stimulating thought and connection.



Creating artwork that depicts my own Interpretation of iconic scenes and moments from tv shows, movies and video games that had a huge impact on me during the most impressionable period of my life.


Creating custom interpretational pieces based on the customers vision and desired medium. Taking into consideration the narrative of the customer, this could take the form of a mural for a small business, a painting for a loved one or a centrepiece of fan art for a best friend, on a medium that provides the best experience.


Robyn believes in sharing their creative process from conception to the finished article.  This can be found in their blog located here.



"I believe the delivery mechanism is as important as the final artistic impression… to create an art piece that invokes thought and feeling and becomes part of your own personal space, something you can feel the impact of every day!”

Robyn, the creator of peachy arts, smiling in a van.
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