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Peachy Arts logo designed in a graffiti style font with a crown on top.
Image by Alexander Londoño


Here at peachyarts we aim to create A collaboration of the personalisation of a modern-day image on a uber-cool platform to brighten up an office, hallway or bedroom.

These limited-edition art pieces are personal and personalised to represent the juxtaposition between the love of the current and love of modern-day media to provide a stunning art piece that brightens up any space.

The wow factor that makes you double-take on the first view, a cool centrepiece to adorn a wall, whether on one board or spread over 4 or 5, always invokes a feeling.

Art is an emotive interpretation of feelings in our eyes, so if you have something specific that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand-up, we will gladly be open to commissions so you can have a one-off piece for just you.